NENGLI is a solar’s solution because it offer a full kit. We offer 2 kinds of system : ON grid to become a producer of Electricity, OFF grid to control you electricity using. The French engineer let us enter in specifics markets such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy…because he knows the market and he knows what a solar system need. That’s why this solar system is really different then others, because we develop our own solar panel and inverter.
Our ON-Grid system is totally complete and the production of the solar mounting, integrated in the roof, is according the last regulation in Europe. We have the CE for our whole system and each spare part of the system have certification

Photovoltaic module : DIN IEC 61215 + 61370 ,Photovoltaic inverter : DIN VDE 0126-1- Solar mounting integrated in roof, guarantee for 10 years            Cables, connectors and all protection from the thunder

Best sell in Europe, the NG-SON 3000W,  The Solar home station
Besides, we also produce the solar OFF-Grid system, it is 100% complete and 100% safe. This solar solution will be in your house and everybody can use and touch it. That is why, we work a lot on the design and the safety of this system, it will generated electricity in your house, so it must be safe. In our factory, we produce the solar cabinet which is you system in your house, the pack is fully :

Solar panel . Solar mounting .Cables and connectors . Solar cabinet with controller, battery and inverter already connected . All protection and safety class for this cabinet. 2 cables for you electrical application

The best system is the NG-SHS 200W :  this system is used in Africa, middle east and South America for family using : TV, Fans, lights, small Fridge, cell phone, computer, or also sell in Europe, thought the way of supermarket : householder buy this system for garden light, electric door of the garage, water pump, The NG-SHS 200W is able to provide enough electricity for 6 hours for 4 lights, 1 TV, 1 DVD reader, Charge cell phone ,1 computer ,4 fans                                                                           That is why the 200W is really the best item for us, coz 80% of the market is like this. But we still make bigger system and also small system.

The ON grid system we produce is mainly for : Spain, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Belgium and now more and more for eastern Europe.

For the house with AC, we need to know more detail about the AC. Actually the solar system is quite expensive for AC. For example, for a simple AC 9000 BTU, we need to use one solar system 1000W, the system cost 4700USD per kit. That's the case with Chinese product, but I know some factories as PANASONIC, DAIKIN, produce new generation Inverters, so the compressor doesn’t  consume so much. That's way wee need more information to work out the power needs.
o Best selling in Europe,NG-SON3000W,    

o Solar home station


oPhoto voltage stand alone system

o 200W