model with patented defrosting system which is specially designed for north european marked   

Solenoid Valve is installed on the compressor vent pipe to defrost the bottom of condenser, the system will then changes to normal defrost (by the four way valve).   

 Model NO. Whole unit CS-25V3A-M*AH5 CS-35V3A-M*AH5
Indoor CS-25V3A-M*A CS-35V3A-M*A
Outdoor CS-25V3A-H5 CS-35V3A-H5
Capacity 2.5KW-9000BTU 3.5KW-12000BTU
Indoor Kernal   M M
Outdoor type   1.5P08 1.5P08
Power supply V.Ph.Hz 220~240V/1PH/50Hz
Cooling capacity W 2500(1700-3500)W 3500W(1700W-4200W)
BTU 9000 12000
Cooling Power input W 680(450-1250)W 980W(500W-1400W)
Cooling Current input A 3,34 4,40
EER 3,68 3,57
Energy level class SUPER A SUPER A
Heating capacity W 2900(1700-4000)W 3900W(1700W-5000W)
BTU 9897 13310
Heating Power input W 760(500-1280)W 1050W(500W-1500W)
Heating Current Input A 3,82 4,70
COP with 50% compressor effect 5,2 5,1
Energy level class SUPER A SUPER A
Max. input consumption W 1700 1800
Max current input A 7,50 7,80
Air flow volume m3/h 550/400/300 550/400/300
Noise level dB(A) 28-38 28-38
Net weight Kg 10 10
Net dimension LxDxH mm 280x800x190 280x800x190
Packaged dimensions LxDxH mm 358x865x275 358x865x275
Packaged weight Kg 12 12
Noise level dB(A) 51 51
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant charge quantity g 1100 1250
Compressor type    
Compressor brand TOSHIBA TOSHIBA
Net weight Kg 33 33
Net dimension LxDxH   540x812x256 540x812x256
Packaged dimensions LxDxH mm 595920335 595920335
Packaged weight Kg 37 37
Pipe size information
Pipe conecction liq/gas inches 1/4~3/8 1/4~3/8
Standard pipe length m 3,50 3,50
Max pipe length m 15,00 15,00
Max heigth difference between outdoor and indoor units m 5,00 5,00
Loading quantity information
Loading quantity of 40HQ 265 265
The above data are subject to change without notice.


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